First appointment

The first appointment involves performing a needs analysis for our patients. This is the time to get to know one another. We think that only full trust and proper communication between the dental surgeon and the patient can generate the best results in dental treatment. During the first appointment, we perform a full examination of the oral cavity. It usually lasts around 45 minutes.

1. Radiological examination

A pantograph is for a precise diagnosis of the condition of all the teeth. It helps detect early-stage decay and diagnose all the irregularities and inflammations in the area of the roots and bones.

2. Intra- and extra-oral examination

It is a thorough examination of the whole oral cavity, including the teeth, the gingiva, the mucosa, the lymph nodes, as well as the temporo-mandibular joints. During such examination, modern diagnostics equipment is used, together with dental loupes and surgical microscope.

3. Intra-oral images

These are precise images of the dental arch, which we use in order to discuss the clinical situation within the oral cavity of the patient. Thanks to detailed images of one’s dentition, patients are able to see the oral cavity from doctor’s perspective and understand their problems and find out more about the possible ways to fix them.

4. Photo shoot

This involves photos of both the face and smile, taken at a professional studio. These images allow us to accurately analyze the symmetry, harmony, and esthetics of the smile in order to plan the esthetic dental treatment in perfect way.

5. Analysis of the results of the examination, and a presentation of the plan as well as the cost of treatment

On the basis of the diagnosis, we sit down with the patient and discuss the recommended treatment plan. Specification of our patients’ expectations along with a precise diagnosis are key to a proper completion of dental treatment. Specification of the plan as well as the cost estimate “in advance” reduces the risk of failure, or an unpleasant surprise in the future.

6. Setting the terms of future appointments

During the first appointment, we do not perform any procedures.

Being aware that the waiting time is pretty long, during the reservation of the first appointment
we suggest setting more than one visit for the purpose of future treatment.

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