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Thanks to our passion and enthusiasm for dentistry as well as healthy and beautiful smiles, we wish to offer you
modern methods of treatment methods, delivered in a friendly, family-like atmosphere.

To shed more light on our offer, we would like to present the price list for our services.

The price for dental services is always an individual matter, as each tooth, or clinical case requires a different solution to be applied. Before treatment is started, we always try to make a price estimate for the procedure, while in cases of complex dental treatment, we prepare a detailed treatment plan together with a cost estimate. For your convenience, there is a possibility to make payment by card/ credit card, or to take advantage of taking out a loan for medical purposes as part of the Mediraty system (as system of payment in instalments).

First appointment
The first appointment PLN 280

During the first dental appointment, the surgeon assesses the general condition of the oral cavity, the teeth, as well as the periodontium. After that, he or she proceeds to take necessary images and panoramic X-rays for the sake of medical documentation. In addition, all expenses arising from treatment will also be presented and discussed on your first visit.

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Tooth ache
Emergency dental visit PLN 250

In case of a sudden tooth ache, swelling, loss of filling, an emergency visit, involving a diagnosis, an X-ray, immediate pain relief, and, if necessary, a prescription, is performed.

Medical consultation
Prosthodontic consultation/ smile makeover PLN 200

Before starting prosthetic treatment, during the consultation appointment, medical history is taken, a dental examination takes place and also the expectations of the patient are discussed. We also perform necessary radiographs as well as intra- and extra-oral images, taken at a studio. We also collect imprints in order to achieve necessary diagnostic models. Prosthetic treatment planning starts with a computerized smile analysis, the so-called Digital Smile Design, a wax-based work plan, the Wax up, and a temporary denture, a Mockup, the shape of which is assessed by the patient. After approving the work plan, and having chosen the color, we create the target dentures.


Consultation with aesthetic medicine physician PLN 200
Consultation with a surgeon/implantologist PLN 200
Consultation with an endodontist PLN 100

At our center, endodontic treatment of teeth is preceded by a paid consultation with a dental surgeon, while the patient must meet the eligibility criteria before the procedure. During such a consultation, apart from taking medical history, a clinical examination is performed, and radiographs are taken. In complex cases that are full of doubts, a micro- CBCT examination is performed, which enables us to assess the anatomy of tooth’s roots in 3D. The CBCT examination is performed obligatorily if the tooth had already been treated without success (in the so-called REENDO cases – cases of repeated root canal treatment).


General medical consultation PLN 100
Dental check-ups for regular patients PLN 100
Radiologic diagnosis - X ray
Periapical X-rays/ of a single tooth PLN 40

GENDEX, a RadioVisioGraphy system, as well as the KODAK Carestream make it possible to take radiographs in digital quality, while the level of radiation is minimal, safe for patients.


Panoramic X-ray (OPG) PLN 100
3D tooth examination (micro CBCT) PLN 100

3D imaging examination performed in dentistry is necessary not only in difficult surgical cases (e.g., the position of an impacted tooth, positioned near the course of the canal of the lower alveolar nerve), but also in implantology (the precise specification of the height and width of the alveolar process when deciding on the placement of the implant), as well as endodontics (such examination enables one to locate additional canals of the tooth, possible fractures, cracks or perforations).

3D CBCT examination of the jaw or mandible PLN 150
Complete 3D CBCT examination PLN 250
Preventive treatment
including instructions on hygiene iTOP PLN 150

Over time, plaque turns into tartar, if not removed. Patients are unable to remove tartar by themselves at home. Tartar will eventually lead to an onset of gum and periodontium diseases, which in consequence lead to a loss of teeth. Therefore, it is recommended that patients should visit a dental office every 6-12 months in order to remove calcified calculus deposits from the teeth.


dental hygiene package starting at PLN 350
tartar removal/scaling PLN 150
teeth sandblasting PLN 150
fluoridation PLN 100
Painless procedures – anesthesia
conventional infiltration or conduction anesthesia PLN 0

In order to ensure comfort of our patients, during dental procedures, conventional infiltration and conduction anesthesia is administered FREE OF CHARGE.

computer-controlled anesthesia PLN 50

It is modern, computer-controlled system used to administer dental anesthesia completely pain-free. This system consists of a small computer, and a special tip which resembles a pen. A dental surgeon places the tip on the gum and by means of micro-processor an anesthetic is administered.

general anesthesia/sedoanalgesia PLN 1400

In order to reduce any discomfort or stress, at STOMATOLOGIA Szewczyk, we offer the possibility of having dental procedures done under sedoanalgesia. Sedoanalgesia is a type of general anesthesia, which unlike general anesthesia, does not require any intubation (the patient is able to breathe freely), while proper agents, administered intravenously, eliminate the feeling of fear and nervousness. During such a procedure, a patient is put into a state of deep tranquility (shallow sleep), however, thanks to the fact that the patient is in fact conscious, he or she might cooperate with the dental surgeon. Thanks to the phenomenon of retrograde amnesia, in most cases, the patient has no memory of the course of the dental procedure.

Smile makeovers/Prosthetic treatment
Teeth whitening starting at PLN 900 - 1500

We offer teeth whitening based on the application of individually fitted trays (at-home teeth whitening), or whitening performed at the clinic by means of Prev Dent, an innovative method which additionally involves enamel remineralization, and hypersensitivity reduction.


Bonding starting at PLN 600

One of the advantages to bonding, in other words, a direct teeth restoration by means of composite material, is its minimally invasive scope for the tissues of the tooth, its relatively low cost, as well as the possibility to rebuild all teeth during one visit.


Composite/ceramic veneers starting at PLN 1600

Veneers are wafer thin restorations, which are placed upon the frontal (labial) surface of the teeth. We use them to improve the esthetics in case of discolorations, damage, or fracture to teeth, or in case of irregular shape of the teeth (e.g., in order to close a diastema). They only require minimal preparation as far as tooth tissue is concerned. In order to achieve the best esthetic effects, we recommend the use of ceramic veneers.


Overlay/Onlay starting at PLN 1000

Inlays or onlays are used in case of moderate degree of damage on the crown, occlusal reconstruction or to improve the esthetics, recommended, above all, following endodontic treatment.  They might be made of composite, or of ceramics.

Zirconia/all-ceramic crowns and prosthetic bridges starting at PLN 1500

Prosthetic crowns are another way to rebuild damaged teeth. Crowns are used in case of major damage. The best solution is to use an all-ceramic crown. An undisputed advantage of all-ceramic crowns is not only their biocompatibility (they do not cause allergic reactions and do not irritate the gums), but also their durability, as well as ideal esthetics which make the all-ceramic crowns practically impossible to differentiate from natural teeth. A bridge stands for a prosthetic restoration which is applied in order to rebuild a missing tooth, or even a few missing teeth. It is composed of prosthetic crowns placed on abutment teeth, connected by a bridge that replaces the missing teeth.


Acrylic/skeletal prostheses starting at PLN 1000

In case of significant tooth absence, we apply movable acrylic or skeletal prostheses, supported on the remaining teeth or implants.

Fillings and endodontic treatment (root canal) - preventive dentistry
composite fillings starting at PLN 250

At STOMATOLOGIA A.M Szewczyk, our dental clinic, composite fillings are made using the highest quality composite materials enabling patients to obtain durable and esthetic reconstructions. After the defect has been cleaned of decay, the dentist restores the missing tissue with a filling which allows us to bring back the original shape and color of the tooth.


medicinal dressings starting at PLN 150

In case of carious defects, the scope of which spreads into the vicinity of the pulp of the tooth, or in case of a difficult clinical situation (e.g., gingivitis, bad hygiene, bleeding gums), the dental surgeon might take the decision to administer a temporary dressing or a special, chemically hardening filling, which tolerates moisture and releases fluoride ions. Such a filling, in the absence of pain – and upon observation – is replaced by material which is hardened by light.


endodontic treatment/microscopic root canal treatment starting at PLN 700 - 1600

At STOMATOLOGIA Szewczyk, the cost of endodontic treatment, is dependent on the number of canals within the tooth, or whether the tooth had already been treated, or not, as well as the level of difficulty (crooked or obliterated canals, tools left behind, or perforations). The cost of endodontic treatment includes not only anesthesia, but also Kofferdam, 2 RVG images (before and after treatment) as well as a temporary filling.

In case of dental treatment, the attending dental surgeon will receive full medical documentation of the procedure conducted.

In majority of cases, endodontic treatment is conducted and finished during one visit.

Following endodontic treatment, it is recommended that the target filling be provided, together with root reinforcement (root-crown inlay) and prosthetic restoration (veneers, crowns, or overlays) depending on doctor’s recommendations and expectations of the patient.


Missing tooth/anodontia -Implantology
Tooth implant starting at PLN 2500

Whenever missing teeth are restored, we always keep your safety and comfort in mind.

In case of dental implant treatment, we use exceptionally reliable implants manufactured by Straumann Group, a Swiss company, which have shown 97% success rate in independent clinical trials.


Implant supported crown od 2500 zł

Following the implantation and the implant integration procedure, the next stage involves the restoration of the crown. In most cases, we use zirconia crowns that come with titanium abutments, which allow one to achieve not only functional but also an esthetic effect which does not differ from a natural tooth.


Neodent Neo Arch
Straumann Pro Arch
Restoration of all teeth during one appointment
starting at PLN 25 000

Until recently, the only possibility to restore correct esthetics, not to mention the chewing function, in case of toothless patients, or patients whose teeth suffered a lot of damage, was to administer treatment based on acrylic prosthesis whose retention in the oral cavity leaves a lot to be desired.

Unlike removable prosthesis, the full restoration of all implant-supported teeth rests snugly in place, looks natural and gives confidence when taking meals, or when speaking or smiling.


Implant-supported prosthesis starting at 5000

In case of patients who are dissatisfied with the retention of removable prosthesis, there is a possibility of using special clasps connected with implants, which significantly improve stability and the retention of the prosthesis.

Bone and tissue regeneration procedures, sinus lift starting at PLN 1000 - 6000

Where the amount of the remaining bone is insufficient to perform implantation, guided bone and tissue regeneration procedures are performed (GBR and GTR). As far as the maxilla is concerned, it is possible to perform the maxillary sinus lift, and when it comes to the mandible, it is possible to perform alveolar ridge augmentation. These procedures consist in placing biomaterials over the osseous defect so as to stimulate bone growth that allows a proper implant to be introduced.

Aesthetic medicine
Botulinum toxin injection starting at PLN 500

Botulinum toxin injection is a completely safe and effective treatment with a wide range of anti-wrinkle applications. The treatment involves a series of injections directly into the muscle tissue in several specific locations. Botulinum toxin blocks neuromuscular conduction, causing relaxation of the muscles responsible for wrinkles. The results of the treatment last for 3 to 9 months.

Depending on the indications, botulinum toxin can be used to reduce:

  • horizontal forehead wrinkles
  • frown lines
  • crow’s feet
  • bunny lines
  • gummy smile correction
  • drooping corners of the mouth.
hyperhidrosis treatment PLN 1500
treatment of bruxism PLN 1200
PDO threads starting at PLN 1000

PDO threads are a type of lifting threads used in aesthetic medicine for both the face and body. PDO stands for polydioxanone, a biodegradable and safe material for the body.

These threads are thin, flexible threads inserted under the skin. They act as scaffolding, supporting the skin tissues and stimulating collagen production, leading to improved elasticity and firmness. PDO threads can be used for facial, neck, décolletage, abdominal, buttocks, thighs, and other body areas.

This procedure is relatively safe and non-invasive, usually performed in an aesthetic medicine office. The effects of PDO threads are immediate and can last from 6 to 18 months, depending on individual body characteristics.

Hyaluronic acid

is a substance that naturally occurs in our body. Many cosmetic procedures are based on it. The proper amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin affects its hydration – its presence makes the skin firm and elastic. The effects of the hyaluronic acid filling procedure usually last between 6-18 months.

wrinkle filling PLN 900
  • nasolabial folds,
  • tear troughs with shadows,
  • marionette lines,
  • nose shaping,
  • jawline, chin

/price per 1 ml of the product/

facial volumetry PLN 900

/price per 1 ml of the product/

lip modeling with hyaluronic acid PLN 800

/price per 1 ml of the product/

needle mesotherapy starting at PLN 600
injection lipolysis starting at PLN 500

Injection lipolysis is an aesthetic medicine procedure that involves removing adipose tissue by injecting a special solution into the targeted area.

During injection lipolysis, the solution is directly injected into the subcutaneous area where the fat cells are located. The substances contained in the solution cause the breakdown and gradual removal of fat from the body through natural metabolic processes.

Injection lipolysis is relatively safe and effective, and its effects usually last for several months.

medical peels starting at PLN 250
treatment cocktails starting at PLN 300
Dental surgery
extraction/tooth removal starting at PLN 300

Tooth extraction is nothing but a surgical procedure that consists in removing a tooth from the alveolus using adequate set of instruments. The procedure is performed under anesthesia, keeping the proper antiseptic conditions of the operating field. Tooth extraction is indicated by medical conditions that cannot be subjected to preventive treatment.


eight tooth extraction starting at PLN 500
surgical tooth extraction starting at PLN 600

Surgical tooth extraction is performed when in order to remove the tooth out of the alveolar it is necessary to perform an incision on the gum, separate the roots or remove a fragment of the alveolar ridge surrounding the tooth’s root.


removal of an impacted tooth/surgical removal of the eights starting at PLN 600

An impacted tooth is a tooth that despite its complete development remains unerupted (it might be obscured by the gum, or bone, in part or in full). This problem usually concerns wisdom teeth. This procedure is not only more complicated, but it also takes more time than ordinary extraction. After the procedure, sutures are given, and proper medicine is prescribed.

Bone augmentation following tooth extraction starting at PLN 500

Tooth extraction involves bone and gum atrophy. In order to limit that process, and to make it possible to maintain the best conditions for implants in the future, augmentation procedure is performed using bone substitutes and barrier membranes.

Children dentistry
tooth sealing PLN 100

This procedure is purely preventive, completely painless. It is based on securing deep grooves, sulcus, in the milk or permanent teeth using filling material (fissure sealant). As a result, it becomes easier to clean the surface of the teeth while the risk of dental caries is significantly reduced. In addition, the fissure sealant releases fluoride compounds that serve as an additional protective agent.

colored fillings in milk teeth starting at PLN 150

Contrary to widespread belief, milk teeth must be treated the same way as permanent teeth – in case of carious defects on the surface of the teeth, it is necessary to prepare them and fill them up. At our clinic, there is a possibility to get color fillings using special material dedicated to children. Thanks to that, the procedure becomes attractive, and the child looks forward to it, awaiting the result in a “colorful tooth”.

milk tooth extraction starting at PLN 150

We would like to inform you that all services performed at our clinic might be rendered without making any payments “up front” and might be paid for in convenient instalments based on the cooperation with the MediaRaty system.

MediaRaty is a system used to finance medical services, making it easier to carry out an optimal treatment plan and get access to all necessary medical procedures.

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