Cosmetic dentistry

· BONDING – direct composite restoration
· layering composite restoration of frontal teeth
· porcelain and composite veneers
· adhesive bridges
· teeth whitening

Prosthetic dentistry

· veneers
· ceramic and composite inlays and overlays
·crown and cast dental bridges faced with ceramics/porcelain
· all-ceramic crowns and bridges (zirconia, EMAX ), full-ceramic crowns
· acrylic prostheses, full and partial


· placing an implant
· permanent dentures (crowns and bridges) supported by implants
· implant-supported overdentures (OVD)
· procedures involving guided bone regeneration

Microscopic endodontics

· endodontic treatment under a microscope, using Kofferdam, machine tools as well as procedures involving fulfilling the root canals using warmed gutta-percha
· removal of broken instruments
· MTA perforation management

Conservative dentistry

· non-invasive treatment of early dental caries lesions
· light-cured composite fillings
· chemically hardened fillings
· endodontic treatment

Preventive dental care

· first-time and check-up dental examinations
· scaling (removal of calculus through ultrasounds)
· sandblasting (removal of sediment and discoloration)
· fluoridation

Dental surgery

· tooth extraction
· surgical extraction of impacted/retained teeth
· root-end resection
· electro-surgery (blood-free soft tissue procedures)
· periodontal surgery


· gums/periodontium disease treatment
· subgingival scaling
· open/closed curettage
· frenuloplasty
· procedures involving gingival recession coverage
· procedures involving guided tissue regeneration

Dental X-rays

· adjacent image/ dental RVG
· bitewing – occlusal images
· panoramic X-rays
· functional images of TMJ

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