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of your smile
Permanent restoration of missing teeth
A completely new smile in less than a day
Customization of your dream smile
Dentistry performed with passion

by name-branding our dental office, it is our job to provide the highest quality of the services, while the individual treatment plan that we compose with highest diligence during the first visit ensures comfort and clearly defined payment process leading to the restoration of health, as well as a beautiful smile

carefully handpicked team of qualified individuals who are not only full of empathy, but are also passionate about what they do, allows us to deliver a wide scope of dental services performed at the highest level, in a family atmosphere

Smile makeover

We always pay a great deal of attention to the expectations of our patients. Seeing their joy and satisfaction with their new, dream-come-true smile is obviously essential to us.

Check out our dental facility and allow us to change your life!

The trust that our patients have placed in us is our greatest asset. They decided to make their dreams about a beautiful and healthy smile come true with our help.

Our offer
Conservative dentistry
including composite dental fillings, as well as colored fillings for children
Dental surgery
including implants, removal of impacted/ unerupted teeth
Prosthetic dentistry
including crowns, dental bridges, implant supported dentures, skeletal and acrylic dentures
Cosmetic dentistry
including bonding, whitening, veneers
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At your first dental appointment, the dentist will assess the general condition of the oral cavity, the teeth as well as the periodontium,
he will then go ahead to take necessary images and ‘pantomograms’ (X-rays) for the sake of collecting the patient’s documentation.
In addition, the expense arising from treatment will also be presented and discussed.

1. Registration
Arranging a convenient date for your visit
2. Meeting the dental surgeon in charge of your case
Radiographic diagnosis
Dental examination
Dental photographs
Specification of expectations
Treatment plan and cost estimate
3. Providing patients with constant care
Setting follow-up appointments
and providing regular oral health care
Our Dental

Being passionate about dentistry, we have the skills to craft a beautiful smile upon your faces, and thus we wish to offer our modern treatment methods delivered in a friendly, stress-free and family atmosphere.
Keeping your safety in mind and doing our best to ensure premium quality in our practice, we only use ultramodern equipment and materials. All dental procedures are performed using Swiss dental loupes. In complicated cases that involve endodontic treatment, as well as in the case of microsurgery, we use specialist dental microscopes. We also use a digital intra-oral scanner while reliable and qualified prosthetics laboratories are commissioned to perform prosthetics works. Our own x-ray unit, equipped with 3D CBCT (computed tomography), as well as computer RadioVisioGraphy in each and every dental office, allow us to perform complete diagnostics as well as “on-site” treatment.


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Why us?
We guarantee comprehensive treatment performed in a really positive atmosphere.
The staff at our clinic are constantly improving their qualifications by taking part in courses and dental trainings.
Modern equipment and materials guarantee not only professional but also painless treatment.
Modern equipment and materials guarantee not only professional but also painless treatment.
We offer premium-quality services at affordable prices. We accept payment by card as well as monthly payments.
Thanks to our automatic text message reminders, you will never ever forget about the date of your appointment.
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